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Order a WhiteWall gift box for Christmas
The search for the perfect holiday gifts really kicks into high gear right after Halloween. For hobby and professional photographers, it is a great opportunity to show their fantastic photos. Giving photos is a win-win situation because the art is out in the world being appreciated by people who are happy to have received it!
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Create a special gift and use our discounts! There are two possible sizes for your picture: 11 x 8.3 inches and 15.7 x 11.8 inches. You can choose to have your real photo print mounted on aluminum Dibond or under acrylic glass – matte or glossy depending on which suits your photo better.
√ Upload photo
√ Select the size and mounting
The acrylic glass comes in three thicknesses: 1/16”, 1/8”, and ¼”. And for an extra special treat: WhiteWall now offers the revolutionary ultraHD Photo Print in the gift box. Thanks to a special exposure process, these razor sharp photo prints have twice the resolution compared to traditional photo prints.
Unwrapping a photo in the Gift Box is elegant and a true joy. Pull to slide the box out of the outer shell and reveal the picture.
The WhiteWall gift box is a perfect present
This is a great way to create personal, custom holiday gifts with WhiteWall. The noun “present” is derived from a Latin verb meaning “to show.” What could be more fitting than showing your art through photo gifts?
The WhiteWall gift box is perfect for Christmas
Andrea Bruchwitz / Benjamin Arntz
*Valid from November 21st until November 28th in the United States

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