ultraHD Prints – A Revolutionary Development In Photography



WhiteWall presents ultraHD at photokina 2016.


WhiteWall is setting new standards in pro-grade printing


Each technical innovation increases the expressive capacity of photography itself. Now a new milestone in the quality of photographic prints has been reached: the ultraHD print. Online photo lab WhiteWall has developed a revolutionary exposure process, which makes possible an unimaginable degree of sharpness. The result is twice the resolution than that of conventionally developed photos.


Modern technology prevents laser scattering


How is an ultraHD print made? A solid-state laser exposes the pre-climatized photo paper and maintains a constant distance between the picture surface and the laser source in order to minimize scattering of the laser beam. WhiteWall has developed its own software for the optimization process of the image files, which allows the color and image sharpness to be reproduced with the highest intensity and quality.






Professional photographers Horst and Daniel Zielske, known for their mystical photographs of large metropolises and surreal, dreamy landscapes, are fascinated by the new technology: “The image sharpness and wealth of detail play the central role here […] As an ultraHD print, the details stand out significantly better than in a conventionally developed photo,” says Horst Zielske after seeing his first ultraHD print.


An ultraHD print is available in two versions: on high-quality Fuji Crystal DP II starting at 3.5″ x 3.5″(9 x 9 cm) and going up to 98″ x 48″(248 x 122 cm), or as a real photo print under 1/16″ (1/2 mm) or 1/8″ (4 mm) thick acrylic glass. Acrylic photo prints accentuate brilliant colors and significantly enhance the impression of depth, thus allowing the effect of an art work to fully unfold.


Andrea Bruchwitz




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