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Rajasthan, 2012. Mahouts sleep by their elephant © Steve McCurry, from India (Prestel Publishing, 2015).

India is a country of boundless fascination and sobering reality, a subcontinent full of contrasts and incomparable diversity. For that reason, American photographer and photojournalist Steve McCurry devoted an entire book to the world’s second-most-populated country.


153 Mumbai print

Mumbai, 1993. A religious man carries a Ganesha statue into the Arabian Sea during the ritual immersion at Chowpatty Beach. © Steve McCurry, from India (Prestel Publishing, 2015).

“The photos depict India as it truly is, with all of its contrasts,” writes author William Dalrymple – an authority on the subject – in the foreword to McCurry’s photo book. From the lively alleys of Calcutta to the colorful Ganesh Festival in Rajasthan to the desolate slums of Mumbai, 96 color photographs – taken over a period of nearly 30 years – show India in all its beauty and contradictions; a country full of: gaps between the rich and the poor, profound spirituality, and cultural diversity.


193 Amritsar print
Amritsar, Punjab, 1996. Praying Sikh before the Golden Temple © Steve McCurry from India (Prestel Publishing, 2015).



With his photo book, Steve McCurry takes the reader along on a journey into the exotic heart of India. A visual sea of color that shows the subcultural allure and social contrasts of India.

Indien Cover
Steve McCurry Indien (Prestel, 2015) © Steve McCurry

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