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Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall
The holiday season is upon us! So what’s the best way to give meaningful photo gifts or to share highlights from your own portfolio? Here are some inspiring ideas for small-format photo gifts that will be a welcome addition under any tree.

Elegant & Portable: The Standing Acrylic Print

Using high-end Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper, the Acrylic Glass Stand presents photographs with razor sharp details. There are no limits to your creativity when picking your image, you can choose your own aspect ratio. Recipients also don’t have to worry about how to display their gift – the picture comes with your choice of an acrylic foot, a metal stand, or chrome-plated brass posts.
Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall

A Glossy Acrylic Block for More Depth

The Acrylic Block is an uncomplicated, miniature work of art. At nearly an inch thick, it stands by itself without any additional support. The photograph is developed on Kodak Pro Endura paper for optimal results. Luminous colors and precise details enhance the photo’s effect.
Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall

The Small, Solid Wood ArtBox

Framed pictures can have a big effect even when they are small! The Solid Wood ArtBox combines purist design with a warm look. It is available with prints on Forex, aluminum Dibond, or acrylic glass.
Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall
The solid wood frame comes in four colors and is 1 3/8” deep. The small work of art can be hung on the wall right away using the built-in picture hanging hardware.
Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall

Pure Elegance: The WhiteWall Gift Box

The WhiteWall Gift Box is an impressive present people won’t soon forget! You can have the picture you want made into a photo print and mounted on aluminum Dibond or under acrylic glass with a matte or glossy finish. Using the pull tab, the lucky recipient slides the picture out, revealing the selected image in the elegant box. There is a small Gift Box for pictures with the dimensions 11 x 8.3 inches and a larger format for pictures that are 15.7 x 11.8 inches.
Create custom photo gifts with WhiteWall
From acrylic prints to solid frames, these gift ideas always all combine fantastic aesthetics with individuality. Gift-giving is an act of love. If you’re lucky, you can express this in pictures!
Andrea Bruchwitz / Benjamin Arntz

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